Fortin Filippo

Date of birth: 01-02-1989

Weight: 80kg

Height: 183cm

Place of residence: italy

Hobbies: football

Instagram: @pippofortin

Facebook Fanpage: Filippo Fortin



My strength as a cyclist: Sprinter

That’s why I am joining the Team Felbermayr Simplon Wels: Because i’m know the team is like a family,for me the perfect mood to do a super good season. I’m super happy to come back here.

Why did I become a cyclist?: because i like the sensation of victories after a lot of fatique.

The best moment during my career so far: i think the 2018 when i was in team felbermayr. And sure when i was in the classic monument of cycling and 6th place at world champion in copenagen.

My first memory when I think about cycling: my first victory when i was young. 

What’s the difference between cycling and other sports?: cycling is a „individual“ sport but you need a strong team for do a good results: team as TEAN FELBERMAYR SIMPLON WELS



My goals for the upcoming season: make more victories as possible, and to be a point of reference of my team mate. Goals which I want to reach in my life: to be a good person in first and i learn a lot of in this way in cycling.